Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The true story of the stinky bait

A couple of days ago Johanna complained that the car smelt like a fart. The next day I complained that it smelt like a toilet. We thought maybe it was the fishing bucket left in the back but didn't take it out. This morning we were getting in the car ready to head off and PHEW. Johanna refused to get in. Colin decided to check the fish bucket and when he took off the lid - stinkarama - the bait from two days ago was still in there (two warm days). The lid went back on, Johanna put the window down and stuck her head out all the way to the petrol station where Colin bought a nice vanilla smelling car deoderiser, Johanna hung it right next to her head.

On our excursions we found a beautiful spot in Iluka for fishing.. Oh what the heck, lets throw in a line and see what happens. The river was blue/brown and meandering, a rocky shore, grassy banks and a picnic table or two. Other people were around and the fish were biting - beautiful. Out comes the fish bucket and off comes the lid - phew - still stinks. Oh well maybe the fish won't mind rotten bait! Johanna and I won't touch the bait though. We throw in some lines and are immediately snagged, both rods. We try again, same thing happens. Meanwhile the fishers to our left and right are reeling them in and now and again the wind blows and the rotten bait smell wafts on the breeze. The old couple down wind of us look at us strangely - Johanna hears the man comment - "pooh something's dead"

We have managed to stink out the place, embarrass ourselves by continual snags emphasising our amateur status as fishers - it is time to make a swift departure. The offending bait is wrapped in a plastic bag, the fish bucket washed (along with our hands) and as we drive off we make a stop by the rubbish bin and in goes that stinky bait. Good riddance.