Sunday, 5 July 2009

last days in Brunswick Heads

Our last days at Brunswick Heads were spent pretty much the same as the first few – spending time on the beach (walking, surfing, boogie boarding waves and sand dunes) and fishing. On our last day there was finally success with the rods! Three for tea, three returned because they were too small, a stingray and lots of snags, tangled lines and fun.

oh there is a fourth group to add to the hippies, yuppies and grey nomads, that’s the working class campers, usually with fold out kind of campervans and kid’s that ride their bikes around the park (usually boys). And the Yuppies are the ones in the holiday units and apartments.

We arrived at Byron Bay this morning. It was a bit strange to pack up and drive 15 km up the road and unpack! We are getting the packing and unpacking under control, a few more trips and we’ll have it down to a fine art – 2 hrs from waking up to ready to leave so far.

Byron Bay is as beautiful as I remember it. The caravan park is right on the foreshore with easy beach access. The afternoon was gloriously sunny and the late afternoon light spilling across sea and sand was breathtaking. Johanna and I saw some dolphins from the viewing platform.

It is early evening and we are all doing our usual thing – the kid’s playing cards waiting for dinner while Colin cooks. (sometimes I join the kid’s and sometimes I read) I don’t usually help in the kitchen as Colin likes to do things ‘his way’ and besides there’s not really room for two. The caravan is cosy, with dinner smells wafting at this time of the night. It is dark outside and cold now, so the light, warmth and promise of good food and loving family makes the caravan the place to be.

Lest I leave you with a false impression however– The card game has finished, Rachel is flicking Zac with a rubber band, Heidi is trying to do maths homework (VCE does not take into account holidays), Johanna is climbing over Zac who is taking up the whole seat. The noise level is rising – sometimes the caravan is too small for 6!

Time to eat…..