Saturday, 4 July 2009

3rd time lucky

I think the saying “third time lucky” is true.

Today was our third time going fishing and we caught three keepable fish.
And the best thing was I caught the biggest and first one. I caught a decent sized flathead. Dad caught a smaller flathead and Heidi caught a bream. Heidi also nearly caught another one but we weren’t sure what it was. Because she reeled in one but it escaped at the last minute.
Rachel had a pretty amazing experience too, catching a sting ray!!!
Imagine Rachel standing there trying her hardest to pull up this gigantic thing and shouting “Dad, dad It’s REALLY big” Then just below the waters top is a pretty big stingray.
Luckily a man fishing next to us knew what to do in the case of catching a stingray. He just cut the line close to the stingray’s mouth, which was probably difficult since the stingray was still in the water.
Another funny thing was when Rachel’s line got caught under a rock, we got it out and on the end was a tiny little fish about the size of your palm. It was black and it had yellowy kind of spots Dad said it was a baby cod.

For dinner we had a lovely entree of fish and cooked potato slices. Then for a main meal we had toasted Turkish bread with lamb, tzatziki dip, lettuce and tomato.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new place tomorrow, and then on Sunday we are going to a market, I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about then.