Monday, 13 July 2009

spikey fish and mouldy tomatoes

Today we had a walk on the beach and we found lots of interesting things on the sand, my favourite thing we found was two spiky puffer fish. One was all puffed up and we thought it was a sea urchin but then a little bit more down the beach we saw another one but it wasn’t puffed up. It looked just like a normal fish and it’s spikes were laying flat. We also saw some weird looking jellyfish, I thought they were very pretty, they looked like tiny little balloons, there were two different types, purple ones and blue ones. They were just like normal little balloons except they weren’t shaped round like balloons they were kind of like a cylinder and it also looked like they had been sown together at the top, they were very interesting.

We saw a couple of dead fish, oh yeah that reminds me, we went fishing for a little bit today. We were in a spectacular spot. It was down next to a lovely river with lots and birds, and just to the left there was a big bridge were cars could go over. I caught one tiny little fish, about the size of the one that Rachel had caught at Brunswick Heads. Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything else.

After we had gone fishing I went in the pool for a little bit, I went in one with the water slides, I went down one of the water slides once and then got straight out.  There was a good reason for getting out so quickly though, it was FREEZING!!! It was a beautiful sunny day and I was hot, but when I got into the water I couldn’t breathe it was so cold. Believe me, I was making little ripples around myself because I was shivering so much. It was quite scary since I couldn’t breathe but I’m a good swimmer so I got back to land soon enough.

And I didn’t go in that pool after what had happened, I went to the heated pool, which was still fairly cold but it was like a hot spa compared to the other one. I stayed in that one for a while.

Then when I had had a shower we went and got an ice-cream and went to watch the surf, and then after we had finished our ice-creams it goes back to the start, we went for a walk.

For dinner we had tacos. We had no tomatoes so I ran to the petrol station/shop just outside the caravan park and bought some tomatoes there. I wasn’t quite sure wether they would be any good since they were in glad rap at the back of a freezer.

‘how long have they been sitting there?’ I had wondered to myself.

It turns out probably a long time, when I got back we opened the packet and on the bottom of the tomatoes was mould and this disgusting drippy stuff. But we figured out they weren’t like that all the way through, so we ate the parts that weren’t yucky, except I didn’t eat much tomato in my taco, I was a bit put off.

Now mum and dad are looking at things for our trip in summer and I’m writing this, it still feels a bit lonely without the kids but I’m getting more used to it.