Thursday, 2 July 2009

learning to fish

I learnt to fish today.

I learnt how to cast and when to real the line in.

We didn’t catch any that were big enough to eat. Rachel caught a little whiting and Dad caught a little bream. We have a little book and it tells you how long the fish have to be to keep them.

Rachel, Dad and I went in the morning at eight o’clock but then we all went in the afternoon.

It was funny because there were a couple of other people where we were fishing and they were catching the fish one after the other, but we didn’t catch any.

We were hoping to have fish for dinner but instead we had chicken and salad.

We ate out under the stars where the BBQ’s are.

I met one of our neighbours today. He was a nice old man who comes this time every year to the same place.

Now our two nice weather days are over it will get colder and colder everyday.

I can’t wait to go to the next place because I’ve only seen two caravan parks so far.

Though I’m not really looking forward to driving back.

Mum downloaded to books to listen too in the car, I’m not sure what I’m going to do while we are driving.

What I like about Terrace Reserve caravan park:

  1. It’s close to both a river and the beach

  2. there are lots of friendly people

  3. It’s nice and quiet

  4. It’s a comfortable place to stay in