Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pat and Yurty go east of everything

Perhaps it is the frivolity of being away from listening to ABC news everyday ... but I like being a bit childish when roaming around. So the car and caravan now have nick names. The Patrol is now affectionately Pat for short, and the caravan ... well what else but Yurty.

"pat and yurty ready to leave east of everything"

Maria commented today that there have been different 'sound tracks' for the various trips we have done. This time she has been fittingly listening to (on her mp3 player) the soundtrack for the TV series East of Everything, the ABC drama set around Byron Bay, that we really enjoyed when it was on last year.

So it is fitting that this yurting experience be dubbed - Pat and Yurty go east of everything.

Byron Bay is a great spot. Like Noosa further north, it is blessed with a headland with sweeping north facing beach so the break peels of the point beautifully. The sun had gone by the time we left, but we wanted to grab some shots of the wonderful panarama before we left ... so grey as the sky is ... these are for the memory vault.

You can see our campsite, east of everything (Byron Bay) now as the header on the website.