Friday, 10 July 2009

Goodbye Byron Bay

Today was our last at Byron Bay. Highlights include being on the beach (Surfing, walking, playing), walking through the market, eating icecream....

The Beach - we have walked the length many times, jumping over the rivulets when wearing shoes. Colin has surfed, Zac has skim boarded (a new acquisition), Colin, Zac and Rachel have body surfed, we have mucked around playing games in the sand....

The market - Yes there were lots of tie dye and hemp clothes, crystals, 'readings', but also local artists selling their various goods (clothes, jewellery, carvings, pottery, home made, home grown and organic produce etc...)

Eating Ice cream - Johanna has already given a detailed description of this!

We have entered a new phase now that the three oldest have returned home. We all miss them. Colin, Johanna and I will be the ones that end up doing most of the 'yurting' so this will be like a trial run to see how we go on our own. Also, Colin will need to do some work most days, (I will need to do only a small amount) so that is something that will become more the norm. Part of the challenge will be to find a way to make work and travelling meld while 'yurting'. In many ways these three weeks are a trial run, hopefully leading up to longer stints away in the future.

Tomorrows challenge will be to see if we can beat two hours packing up to go to Yamba (should be in the bag - seeming as the tent is already done and there are three less people to organise!)