Wednesday, 1 July 2009

my first day in brunswick heads

Yesterday the flight went good, I didn’t feel sick or anything but Heidi did, unfortunately. Before we left we got held up in security because I had scissors in my nail set. Plus Heidi was carrying her paints which were in tubes so they were a bit curious about that.

I was used to flying without mum and dad because the last three times I’ve flown to and back from grandmas by myself.

I liked looking out of the windows at the lights because we were flying at night and I had never flown at night before.

My first day in Brunswick Heads was really fun. We went to the beach in the morning and boogie boarded down the sand dunes.

By lunch time everybody could surf down on boogie boards.

Mum and Heidi went to get bread rolls for lunch and we thought that they were coming back to the beach with them but they were waiting for us to meet them back at the caravan.

We went for a walk down at the breakwater peer thingy and watched people surf.

The waves were pretty big. There were even some boogie boarders out there.

There were some people fishing as well. A couple of people caught fish but they weren’t that big.

Now we are all sitting around doing quiet stuff like blogging and reading and Rachel is playing on her I phone.

I’ve had a great first day!!