Tuesday, 7 July 2009

ice cream and other stuff

Yesterday we had a pleasant day browsing around the Byron Bay market.

There were many different types of shops and stalls. There were free taste tests at food stalls and activities to do at others, it was a splendid day.

In the afternoon that day we went down to the beach and played some games like, volleyball, keepings off, corners and pig.  

 This morning we looked around town while dad worked back at the caravan park in the dining area that out looked the beach.

We went to a magnificent ice-cream place with many, many different flavours, they even had a sticky date pudding flavour.

I enjoyed a banana and cinnamon cone while mum eagerly dug into her two flavours, sticky date pudding and violet crumble. Heidi licked off her cone jam packed with two different flavours, violet crumble and blueberry. And after a hard decision Rachel decided on white chocolate and sticky date.

In the afternoon Heidi, Rachel and I went for a jog on the beach while mum walked and Zac and Dad surfed and swam.

Tomorrow is the last day that Zac, Heidi and Rachel are here. I am going to miss having them around. I expect I’ll get a bit bored with nobody to play cards with and nobody to play on the beach with but it will still be fun.