Wednesday, 1 July 2009

a full yurt

We’ve got a big caravan but there’s not much room with six people inside. We’re all pretty tired after a full day. Early morning walk on the beach, and then we made the most of what will be a relatively short stint of good weather to frolic in the surf and on the dunes. The wild weather of late has eaten away some of the foreshore leaving sheer sand cliffs ... an ideal playground for kids (and adults) armed with boogie boards. (see photos attached to although hard to capture how steep it was.

After a long layoff I struggled to catch any decent rides although enjoyed some better waves later in the day.

We are all enjoying Brunswick Heads. It is hippyville for sure. You can pick the locals easily; they are then ones wearing ponchos, orange trousers and tasselled shirts.

Tomorrow morning will be our first fishing effort after getting some tips from the local tackle and bait shop owner. Hopefully fish for breakfast!