Thursday, 2 July 2009


There are three obvious groups up here – Hippies, Yuppies and Grey Nomads. We certainly aren’t hippies and hopefully we don’t qualify as Grey Nomads just yet, so that leaves Yuppies. Which is probably closest to the truth – picture Colin and I sitting on a bench enjoying the morning sun after a walk – and Colin is grinding his coffee in a hand held grinder to make fresh coffee.

Boogie boards can be used for more than enjoying the surf. They make great sleds for sliding down steep sand dunes (sitting down and kneeling down facing back and front and the grand finale, standing up) The kid’s know, they have tried it every possible conceivable way and survived to tell the tale.

Little fish are annoying. They eat all your bait and are darned hard to catch and when you do catch them you have to throw them back.

Whatever the kid’s forgot to pack they ‘borrow’ from their parents.

Even when the rules of card and board games are written in black and white, not all people read them the same way.

The more we relax and slow down the tireder we feel.

There is never any hot water at the showers after 8.30am. It is all those early to bed and early rising grey nomads!

And where do all the grey nomads disappear to during the day? Our neighbour told us all about it tonight – to the bowls club of course!

And finally, after much looking and trying on of hats Colin found two he was happy with! A hat for the beach and a hat not for the beach.

The hat not for the beach does however take him into the ‘old people’ category, but as he is approaching mid/late forty something he is conceding defeat and decided it’s OK to look his age.