Friday, 10 July 2009

sunshine after all

Today instead of having thunderstorms and hail we had sunshine and warm weather. In the morning we all went to the beach, me and mum went for a walk and dad went for a walk.

Dad and I also went back in the afternoon. I played in the sand and dad surfed.

 For dinner we had fish, salad and potato.

I’ve been missing the kids a bit. Sometimes I wish they were back here.

In the morning we packed up the tent, we had to wait for the bits that were on the ground to dry, it was like watching grass grow.

We just stood there staring at the tent watching it dry.

 In the afternoon before we went to the beach I was plying in the playground, I was making up obstacle courses and seeing how fast I could do them. That was pretty fun.

 Before dinner I started to write a story, it’s about two girls who go on a camping trip together with their families.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish it, I hardly ever finished stories that I start.

 Tomorrow we’re packing up and moving to Yamba, I’m looking forward to going there. I hope there will be some interesting things to do there.