Tuesday, 19 April 2011

what was I thinking?

Not long after we set up with the caravan I was in the RACV shop doing something and a cookbook caught my eye. '30 recipes with 12 ingredients' or something like that. Seemed like a good idea at the time. It sat on the cookbook shelf above the stove in the yurt for 12 months and never came off.

Having just finished a great meal, full of flavour from turmeric, lemongrass, green curry paste, lime, fresh ginger and garlic, with spinach, coconut milk and fish, I am reminded how important good food is when we are away. There is something that happens in your mouth, whole body and even mind, when you are deeply satisfied with wholesome, tasty food that you've prepared yourself. I'm sure there are thousands of people in caravan parks around Australia tonight who reckon 4 ingredient spag. bol. is the bees knees and all power to them.

But for me and our yurt, its good tucker complemented by a decent dose of junk food.

That'll do me fine.