Friday, 8 April 2011

big broad land

The drive out of Melbourne up the Hume is both dull and exhilarating. The double lanes stretch out before you and wind lazily through seemingly endless hills and shallow valleys. Today the sky was huge. Not even a wisp of cloud for most of the day, stretching over bone and green fields. Our usual first stop is Governors Hill, Goulburn, 650 clicks at 80-90km/h is a long day. The last couple of hours took as long as the rest of the day.

We played music and played games. As we rolled along, and the road disappeared underneath us, I imagined I was swallowing and absorbing the scenery as it rushed toward us. I felt very privileged to live in this big broad land.

...and now we're absorbed in front of key boards, checking mail, reading news and allowing our minds to move from Brunswick mode to yurting mode. I remind myself of our yurting mantra:

Don't rush.

Don't complain.

What happens happens.

Tomorrow's drive through Sydney and up towards Coffs is probably the most interesting but is the toughest with the van in tow. I'm looking forward to a good snooze.

Just past Byron the road changes from bitumen to concrete. At that point there will only be a few minutes before we pull off into Brunswick Heads. I've been anticipating that moment for a while now ... only a couple of days to go.