Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rainy Days

Three days of rain now.

You need a sense of humour on days like these. Our neighbour was heard to say this morning, “if it’s gonna friggen rain all day I’m going to the pub!”  In between the showers we walked on the beach, Colin had a play on Rachel’s surf board (his is getting fixed by Doctor Ding – really that’s the name on his business card), Colin did some work and Johanna and I took our camera’s and filled in some time taking photographs.

Our routine walks on the beach have been interrupted by the rainy weather, we now time them for in between showers. We had got used to seeing familiar faces at similar times each morning and evening. There is the woman who swims every morning, planting an open umbrella in the sand for her two large dogs to sit under shade while they wait for her, there is the small Asian lady with bandy legs and a scruffy, wiry terrier and the older man, white beard and brown leather skin over a rake thin body – he runs each morning in shorts (carries his tee-shirt) socks and sandals. We have seen practitioners of Thai Chi, Yoga and other forms of meditation, we have seen kids fly kites, beach combers, joggers, walkers and swimmers. There is always something going on.  And when we have walked in the ‘in between shower times’ we have sometimes been the only ones on a huge stretch of misty grey coastline, small and insignificant in the scheme of things.

Everything outside is wet now, the day has been grey and misty with rain, sometimes it teems down, the paths flood, people flee for cover or just get soaked. There are quite a few new tarps that went up today. We are so thankful not to be in a tent – it helps keep the frustration and misery at bay. Rainy days are not pleasant, but they are what they are and we are lucky to have a warm and dry place to retreat. As I write the rain drums on the caravan roof, Colin is concocting some kind of Asian chicken soup with egg noodles and crab cakes. Lucky for us, in miserable weather Colin consoles himself with creative cooking – Johanna and I are not complaining.

Some photos by Johanna