Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mid Way

Light is fast disappearing, the sun can no longer be seen and twilight is making its way. There is a cacophony of bird song as multitudes prepare to settle for the night. The Sulphur Crested Cockatoos are squawking and the Lorikeets screeching and a heap of other smaller birds are joining in the fray. Johanna and I are sitting by the river making the most of the fading day.

Today feels a bit like a mid way point even though we are more than half way through our time here. Today was the first day Colin did not have significant work that needed to be done, today was the last of the beautiful weather for the moment (rain forecast later tonight and tomorrow and possible showers after that) and today (Friday) heralds the weekend – not that days have much significance here. However with Colin having completed much of his work for the moment it feels like a weekend to him.

This last week we have made the most of the beautiful weather, spending the mornings at the beach – surfing, boogie boarding and swimming, Colin has worked in the afternoons and some evenings, Johanna and I have shopped, relaxed and played in the river on the surf boards in the afternoons while Colin has worked and then we have read, played games and scrabble on the iPad in the evenings. We have made regular trips to the local bakery for fresh bread rolls and frequented our favourite ice cream shop in Byron Bay (sticky date and mars bar are the current stand out flavours) Daily habits and routines have formed.

One of these is our daily morning and late afternoon walks at our local beach (beautiful for walking, great for a swim or boogie boarding but not great for surfing – hence the daily trips to Wategos Beach: next cove around from Byron Bay). We join the morning exercise-ers, dog walkers, locals and tourists all enjoying the magnificent beach. Colin and Johanna regularly take a quick dip.

Twice daily, we walk along the caravan park path next to the river,

cross the wooden bridge,

take the path down to the beach

and are welcomed with a long stretch of beautiful white sand.

The day begins and ends on the beach, as is fitting.