Friday, 8 April 2011

Holiday Station

It feels as if I've been a train for so long, pulling into the same stations, at the same times, doing the same things everyday. But right now, I've started on my journey to one stop, one stop that I'll stay at for a couple of weeks, I'll relax, put my feet up, and completely forget everything about anything to do with life in Melbourne.

I'll be pulling into Holiday Station, a wonderful place which can relieve stress, boringness and pretty much anything unwanted in my life.

At Holiday Station, there's waves, and sand. And the air is filled with smells of delicious food prepared by the best chef around, (Dad.)

But there's always the journey to get to Holiday Station, the long, tiring days, where there's nothing but, sitting, listening and watching.

Today we started on the road, we left home about eight o'clock and arrived here at about six thirty, with stops every couple of hours of course.

I spent the morning listening to music, then the afternoon having competitions with Mum and Dad, to see who can spot certain things out the windows first.

It was Mc Donalds for lunch and a smoothie from Hungry Jacks for afternoon tea, it was a relief to have some salad for dinner.

Tomorrow we'll continue, another long day, sitting listening and watching. We'll stop overnight in Coffs Harbour and then finish our journey to Brunswick Heads by lunch time on Saturday.

Everything's peaceful at the moment, Mum and Dad are on their computers and I'm on the iPad, yes, we're on Holidays but we can't leave behind our beloved electronics. :D

I think we're all looking forward to a nice sleep tonight, and then back on the road tomorrow.