Monday, 18 April 2011

Fin Dings

The rain that was forecast yesterday, but held off, made its presence felt today – showers on and off all day.  We had a slow start to the morning; our usual walk on the beach, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and hot chocolate for breakfast and then packed up to head around to Wategos Beach. Rain is irrelevant to surfing – swell and wind direction are far more important I am learning. Colin joined all the other die hards trying to catch the tricky waves. Unfortunately a beginner on a board was on a direct collision course with him and was unable to manoeuvre his board to avoid a crash, Colin dived to avoid the inevitable, his board could not. Fortunately Colin is in one piece, unfortunately the Mc Tavish is sporting two deep gouges to its side where the other boards fins connected. It will need a visit to the repair shop. We are thankful it is not Colin needing a visit to a repair shop!

Surfing abandoned for the day we cruised the shops in Byron Bay with thousands of others, tried a few more flavours at the ice cream shop and generally filled in the afternoon.

Warm and dry now, the rainy evening ahead is just right for a spot of dvd watching .

What happens, happens, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.