Wednesday, 13 April 2011


As I lay on my back today, floating in the 24 degree water and letting the waves knock me about, I realised my love for the ocean.  I love the feeling of water lapping up around your toes as you stand at the waters edge. I love as you run in the shallows, small waves frothing at your ankles. I love the rush of water along your body as you take your first dive, under the perfect wave, as the water soaks your hair through and it flows out behind you. I love when you come up from your first dive, the cold air above caresses your arms, legs and stomach. I love then, as you dive in and out, as if changing between two different worlds. I love letting the waves thrash you around, letting the sea water take you over, like a disease, but way better, it feels like it runs through your veins and thumps in your heart. Then last, I love when you emerge from the ocean, the sand gently massages your toes and your towel feels snuggly and warm.
When you're as lucky as me, able to visit wonderful beaches as I do, as often as I do, even when you leave, it feels like the ocean's still thumping in your heart and flowing in your veins.