Thursday, 14 April 2011

from where I am

When we bought our caravan two years ago and schemed to experiment with a lifestyle that made the most of the flexibility we have being self employed, it was days like today that I fantasised about.

I snuck out while Maria and Johanna were still snoozing and wandered 100 metres to the Expresso Bar for the first coffee I'd bought since we arrived. I usually hand-grind my own in the yurt, but the noise of the grinder and the kettle would have done violence to the tranquility. I sat outside overlooking the river and finished off some of the work I'd started yesterday.

We sat on the river bank and had a slow breakfast while chatting with our neighbours. We shared typical caravanning banter and when I asked him about the MakePovertyHistory wrist band he was wearing, he said lazily, 'Yeah, I heard Tim Costello speak 7 years ago, they were giving these out and I've been wearing one ever since. 'Wore the first one out, this is my second.'

The surf at Watego's was invented for blokes like me. Glassy smooth water out back, rolling swell that lined up magnificently, postcard-esque. I paddled onto some waves that I rode along the beach, rode into shore, wandered back around the beach and paddled back out at the point to save paddling against the current, and waited for another lazy wave. The water was 25 degrees, the temperature was mid twenties and not a breathe of wind.

Salad sandwich for lunch then I settled into a cafe in Byron Bay to work for the afternoon while Maria and Johanna wandered around the shops. Good, interesting and challenging work.

Back at the yurt in time for a swim at Brunswick Heads beach and our ritual pre-dinner walk in the fading light. Threw a fishing line in the river wishfully before rolling up my sleeves and concocting some Mexican style dishes for dinner. Peace and joy.

Good food. Amazing surf. Stimulating work. Love. Happiness.

Not every day we are yurting feels as blissful as today. But we are grateful that most are way above average.

Don't rush. Don't complain. What happens happens.

Sometimes what happens is wonderful.