Monday, 11 April 2011

Dusk and Dawn

Dad and I went for a walk last night, along the river and around the block of shops outside the caravan park. It was dark, a couple of caravan park lights, and the moon, were the only source of light.  The river looked like a velvety black ribbon, placed delicately upon the earth, the sky looked like a giant black piece of cloth that somebody had thrown silver glitter on.
Night and day fascinate me for some reason, the way everything changes when dusk falls, the way the sun sinks low, beneath the horizon, and the moon comes out, glowing silvery grey. The stars appear, sparkling in sky. Darkness floods everywhere, it gets to every place it can reach, it creeps around corners and sinks into ditches.  But then at dawn, the sun comes back, up from the horizon and floods the earth with brilliant light, it awakens the sleeping, even just the resting and the sky slowly turns to a brilliant blue.  The wonders of space, and the way the world works will always stun and amaze, but also impress me.

Today we awakened, slowly got up and got dressed, did the toilet trip, just the usual things. Dad worked for a bit and Mum and I went for a walk on the beach. We admired the sand and the surf, enjoying the nice flat surface of sand perfect for us the walk on.
for breakfast it was bacon and eggs on toast and some cooked tomato to accompany it.  We washed the dishes and then packed up our things, we drove down to Byron Bay because the surf out here wasn't to good.   Mum and I struggled to catch any waves in the particular spot we had not very wisely chosen, so we gathered up our boards and wandered down the beach a bit. Seeing as my surf board is a little big for me to carry, I did it with much difficulty. But we arrived in a spot we thought'd work, went in and the current was so strong in the spot that we could hardly stand up. Mum decided we'd better move a bit further down the beach so the current would just end up drifting us where we actually wanted to be instead of further up the beach where we didn't want to be. We gathered up our surf boards and walked further along the beach, I got there fine, but with a bit a difficulty and complaining, etc. We went out in this bit and it was no better than the first. We finally gave up and went back to where we started, we ditched our boards and just mucked around in the surf until Dad came in.  We told him about our pointless trip all the way along the beach and back and he said, "oh, you just have to go further out, it doesn't actually get deep for ages so you'll be able to stand" so Dad took Mum and I out to the back and we ended up catching a few waves, not what I would call a good surf, but it was good to be back on the beach after so long (well, since the summer holidays.)
We did some food shopping at the supermarket in Byron Bay and then for the rest of the afternoon we just sat around, soaking up the sun, listening to music, playing scrabble on the iPad, all the kind of lazy afternoon stuff you do.
We had  a shower, played a bit more scrabble and then had dinner. Dad cooked up something like a noodle stir fry with prawns and  vegetables. Yumm.
Now we'e all just sitting around after dinner, as we usually do, Dad's doing some more work, Mum's on the iPad and I'm writing this blog.

Outside, dusk has fallen, dark is creeping in, and everything feels right.