Sunday, 10 April 2011

As beautiful as we remember it

Boy it's a long way from Melbourne to Brunswick Heads. Two long days of driving and then a half day to finish off. We arrived safe and somewhat weary around lunch time. We are in the same spot we had the first time we came here, right on the river front, it is as beautiful as ever.

The unpacking was followed by a brief stop at the local shop for basic supplies and then the obligatory walk on the beach to re-acquaint ourselves with it. The late afternoon sun bathed it in a warm yellow light, the beach stretched for miles, tide out and waves crashing in, white soft sand, people strolling, walking dogs, fishing, sitting and breathing in the beautiful surrounds. Colin couldn't resist a quick dip and Johanna did cartwheels up the beach.

We walked back via the rock wall and through the local foreshore area. Music, people, tent and banner informed us that a concert for youth, organised and performed by local 'young people' was being held. We stopped to listen for a while, the band playing reminded us of the Waifs - we had been listening to a CD of theirs on the away up. Johanna did some screen printing on a singlet top and we got served fresh local fruit (for free)

This is one of the reasons we love Brunswick Heads so much. Unpretentious, it still has that small town feel. The local shops are all in a square block, the local pub is family friendly and a meeting place, the locals are an arty, alternative bunch, lots of tie dye clothes and organic produce around here. I wonder if this is how Byron Bay used to be, before it got so trendy and touristy.