Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I talk to lots of people who tell me they can't get any real work done at the office. Too many meetings, distractions, ad hoc and planned things go on, so it is almost impossible to get blocks of time to think. Our lives, at work and at home get cluttered. And so does our thinking. There is so much 'noise' that adds zero value to our thought lives.

One of the things I love about yurting is how there are so fewer chunks of things to do. Shop, cook and eat. Personal stuff; sleeping, showering etc. Exercise of some form. And when it comes time to work - simple, get on with it.

Today was a work day. Maria and Johanna headed off on their bikes after homework (Johanna) and photography assignment (Maria) and I was left in a vacant 'paddock' near the river, on my own with my thoughts and tasks. I wouldn't have said it was a particularly productive day (some excuse about writer's block) but in hindsight, I got a lot done. The same amount done in a day that also included commuting and other work stuff would have been judged very productive.

It reminded me again how easy to is for us to accept the way things are. Our experimenting with ways of working at Ergo (such as no-one having a permanent desk) have taught us a lot about improving productivity by eliminating clutter. The lessons can be applied in other areas of life too.

When I am yurting, if I've only got two pairs of jeans with me, the choice of what to wear doesn't take too long. There is a lot to be said for minimalism. We get a taste of it when yurting and it's liberating stuff. Have a look here for some great tips.

Anyway, last night in Port Fairy tonight, in Brunswick again tomorrow. Hope the roads are uncluttered on the way.