Sunday, 1 April 2012

Come on Pat!

It is strange how easily we slip from one kind of living to another – urban to coastal, fast to slow…. The rhythms are familiar, the transition seamless, leaving one home to enter another, a soulful sigh as we anticipate another yurting adventure.

Within 24 hours of picking up the van we were leaving Melbourne, a busy packing and organizing feat left behind. But first an earlya morning run to the airport so Johanna could catch her flight to Tassie – a long awaited holiday with her beloved Grandma. She will join us in a week. And so it is that Colin and I set off alone for Port Fairy, some 4 hours away. It takes us a lot longer than that with a fair bit of stress along the way. Not far over the Westgate bridge we realise Pat (the Patrol) is not doing so well. The speedometer and another ‘ometer’ are wavering crazily, Pat splutters and stutters whenever we are in low gear, accelerate, or go up an incline. We are not sure if we will make it. We decide to push on and hope for the best, worst case scenario we break down and call the RACV. Colin worries all the way that we will break down somewhere a long way from help or in a place that will be difficult to stop safely, towing a van. It is not the beginning we had imagined!

The sense of relief as we puttered into Port Fairy was palpable. Thank goodness most of the way was flat driving and Pat ambled along at 80km somewhat happily. The worry was stopping and starting, hills and needing to accelerate! A visit to the local garage will be first on the agenda Monday morning, fingers crossed it can be fixed before we need to leave and without breaking the budget. Our yurting Mantra was sorely put to the test today – ‘what happens, happens’

We have checked out the beach, wandered the main street and oriented ourselves a little. Luckily we brought the bikes and everything we need will be in riding distance so it will not be disastrous to be without a car.

A windy and cold day on arrival has turned to calm with the promise of some sun today. Colin has finished pottering with the awning (too windy to put up safely yesterday) and the bikes beckon. Almost ten hours of sleep, a walk on the beach this morning, a cooked breakfast and now the promise of a slow and relaxing day are chasing away the worries of yesterday.