Saturday, 7 April 2012

That beep beep beeping wind, part 2

Lesson number 1, if wind gusts around 80km are forecast don’t try and set up the tent. It is not made to withstand such conditions.

Lesson number 2, if aforementioned winds are forecast wind up the awning, a ragged rip testament to the power of the wind. (thank goodness for insurance)

I don’t think we have experienced such fierce and sustained winds as we have in the last 24 hours. At some point in the night they abated. Wind weary campers are slowly emerging this morning, inspecting any damage, and tightening/adjusting pegs and guy ropes.

Zac and Jan spent the night in the back of Zac’s station wagon, just as well, the tent is looking worse for wear this morning. We would have taken it down if we could have.

 Despite the wind, it was a unanimous decision to surf yesterday afternoon anyway. (so I am told, the wind direction was good for surfing, all be it a ‘tad’ too strong) Colin drove the couple of hundred metres to the beach with the boards in the car (too windy to carry them) while we walked. The wind would blast the face of the waves as they formed, sending spray in all directions. Johanna said it was like having sand sting your face. She gave up after a while, mostly due to the seaweed curling around her legs. The others managed to catch enough waves to make it worth the effort (mind you they don’t need much for that to happen!)

While Johanna and I watched from the beach a storm front rolled in and the grey skies opened up. We made a hasty retreat to the car struggling to manage a wind blown surf board. I had to help a bloke put his board on the roof of his car, there was no way he could do it on his own. (he is the guy surfing in the photo above) Johanna and I had a giggle watching Colin struggle up the beach path with his long board. He wavered and lurched his way up. We left all the boards sandy and un-rinsed in the car overnight, far too windy to try and get them out, rinsed and in their bags.

At least we were warm, dry and out of the wind in our van. It lurched, bumped, thudded and groaned through the evening. It took some courage to walk up to the toilet block and some effort to run in a straight line. Our neighbours disappeared for the night, they have just returned to their tent this morning. Colin is outside fiddling with the awning, he just figured out why it ripped, not much consolation but knowledge for the future.

Think it will be a slow and quiet start to the day….