Monday, 9 April 2012

Comfortable and Cosy

The soft pitter patter of rain on the yurts roof and the whoosh of powerful wind has rhythmed our day. Slowly waking up to the sound of Dad getting up to make a trip to the toilet, then soon after, Mum doing the same. They both settle back down with their computers and the tapping of their keyboards sends me into a soft, dreamy snooze. When i feel awake enough I crawl into their bed and watch as words make neat lines across their computer screens as they type. Then I pull on a jumper and some track suits to brave the cold in desperate need of the toilet. When I get back I sit and play games on the iPad as smells of hash browns, tomato, egg and bacon wafts through my nose and makes my stomach grumble. We eat, then settle back down with computers to do work and homework.

The wind whooshes and howls and the soft shower of rain every now and again are the only sounds other than the tapping of the keyboards or the turn of a page. After I've done some homework I snuggle up on the bed and get lost in the imaginary world that the book I'm reading creates in my mind. The fan of the heater switching on and off creates a warm flow of air through the caravan keeps us all in drowsy, relaxed, comfortable mood. Mum and Dad are still working on their computers and I, about  to go back to homework decide writing a blog would be more entertaining, and just as productive. I will now return to my homework and listen the sounds of this comfortable, relaxing day.

As the bursts of sun now shine through the windows the promise of a good day is clear and bright.