Thursday, 5 April 2012

just 'cruisin'

The last few days have been characterized by a slow, gentle rhythm of an early morning walk, work after breakfast, riding and surfing in the afternoons. We have felt the adrenalin seep from our bodies and long sleeps and slow days take its place – peaceful, quiet, pleasant days of unhurriedness.

This morning we took ourselves to a local cafĂ© and set ourselves up in a corner, lounge and coffee table our ‘office’. Colin worked and I made progress on an assignment. The hours slipped away in peaceful and productive work. We stayed and shared lunch – barramundi on a beetroot, feta and orange salad.

The caravan park is slowly beginning to fill til the peak Thursday/Friday when it will be full. It has been great to experience the quietness of the pre Easter rush, the peacefulness is being replaced by vehicles towing vans, conversations about the best way to set up and the clanging of tent pegs.

Our new neighbours are into county and western music so we are getting an earful of that, at least it is kind of laid back and slow. It is a strange thing to live in such close proximity to others, there is no real privacy and there are unwritten rules governing behaviour – site boundary lines to be observed, levels of noise tolerated and acceptable hours for such noise, common greetings, usual introductory questions; there is a fine line between friendliness and overfriendliness!

As the park fills, the activity and noise increases but so to do the energy levels. It will morph into a busy, bustling and happening place, everyone intent on making the most of an extended weekend at the beach. And we look forward to some of our kids coming down and joining the throng. When they arrive the music from our site will give Kenny Rogers a run for his money!