Saturday, 7 April 2012

driving a dream

Philip and Nadja sold everything, bought a motorhome and set off from Geneva with their children Lena and Tom 18 months ago. Philip told us that the kids were reluctant for a long excursion, but had agreed to 1 year. At 12 months in, they were ‘converted’ and the foursome kept driving. Iran, India, Cambodia …. They expect to be in Australia for about 8 months. They went to Tassie for 3 weeks and stayed for 6. From here they set sail for Chile. The maps painted on their camper hint at the story.

We love meeting people who have made courageous lifestyle decisions. Talking with them re-inspires us. While we have some significant travel plans on the drawing board for the future, we have never really thought about extending the yurting concept beyond Australia. Maybe … hmmmm.

If you enjoy travel adventure like we do, you will appreciate their blog;