Monday, 2 April 2012

3 years of joy

Early morning walk.

Cooked breakfast: mushies, tomato, exotic sausages …

Meander around town on our bikes.

Score the prime seat at prime café with a dozen mini buses of cyclists sipping lattes and white wine after their competition ride finishes in town.

I surf and Maria wanders along the gorgeous main beach with camera in hand.

Left over rice turned into fried rice for a late lunch.

Lay around on a blanket in the afternoon sun. Talk.

Shop for dinner.

Drive to South Beach where Maria savours the setting sun through her lens. I stand on Pat and she snaps that too.

Back home to try an adaption of Jamie’s Moorish pork chops: stuffed with raisins, oregano and stuff on a bed of butter beans, capsicum, bacon and spinach. Wonderful meal.

Talk to Rachel and Johanna.

Its 8 o’clock and it feels like bedtime after such a busy! Sunday.

Its three years since we first slept in our caravan. Then it was a rainy, windy weekend at Inverlock. So many nights all over Victoria and NSW since. Some decisions just keep on rewarding you.