Thursday, 12 April 2012

Poor ol' Pat

Our yurting mantra is in full swing tonight while we are cooped up in a dodgy motel room trying to fill in time before we can go to bed.

Don’t rush, don’t complain, what happens happens.

Don’t rush: we certainly weren’t rushing as we drove 80km down the highway after we decided to slowly pack up today and leave this afternoon instead of tomorrow seeing as the weather, nor surf was particularly good.

Don’t complain: as we sat in the car for more than an hour on the side of the road in the pitch black after our headlights decided to stop working, waiting for the RACV, I’m sure we all felt like complaining but none of us did.

What happens happens: Ol’ Pat’s (the car) been having a bad couple of weeks, but that’s okay, I guess, what happens happens.

No headlights = no driving at night = retreating to dodgy motel = not returning home until tomorrow = no comfy bed at home that I’ve been dreaming about all day = Mums not to unhappy because at least we get something back for paying RACV membership all these years