Wednesday, 13 July 2011

the reverse commute

Surf. Shower – shoes and shirt. Cup of tea and cheap fruitcake on the deck near the beach. Farewells. Lonely drive. Coolly airport. Soul-less busyness sprinkled with joyful greetings. Burger for dinner. Jetstar and unusually enjoyable conversation with author in 6B. Long cab queue in the chill. Home. With Heidi in Mario (her caravan). Read mail pile. With Rachel on her bed planning public transport route and Latitude interview prep. Food. Sleep on makeshift pillow – they’re all in Byron Bay. Heidi unwell in my bed. Early morning tram. Seven Seeds coffee and meeting. Workshop – scheming to change the world. Thinking about my girls. Engaging with my clients. Good people. Maxicab. Qantas Club. Soup and Pizza – OK. Emails and busywork. Bookshop – nothing new under the sun. Jetstar. Lucky Wonders loud in my ears, eyes closed. Peace. Hot Chocolate – not bad. Coolly airport. Late night, dark double lanes south. Starry sky. Lights on high beam. Windows and music up. Nearly ‘home’. Sleeping beauties. Sweet.

“I have lost interest in the world you assume I want to make it in.”

“Do you remember when you still believed in the possibility of something more, something more.” (Lucky Wonders)