Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lonesome tonight

Johanna and I are feeling a bit lonesome tonight, in the space of 24 hours we have gone from 7 to 2. The kids left late last night for their flight back to Melbourne, it is always a bit of a flat day after they leave – we miss having them around. Then late this afternoon Colin caught a flight back to Melbourne for work tomorrow. He will fly back up tomorrow night. So it is just the two of us for a bit.

We sat down on the deck after Colin had gone and watched the sun set talking with one of our neighbors as the sky turned yellow and pink and other friends caught the last waves of the day. Some of our Queensland friends left this weekend also (the end of their holidays) so this week feels very different – sadness at those who have gone and thankfulness that we are still here. In fact we have extended our stay by a couple of days. Once we realized that Johanna did not start school until next Wednesday and Colin had no meetings scheduled for Monday we decided to stay the extra two days. It means that when Colin comes back tomorrow he still has a couple of days to surf rather than a day to pack up and the long drive back – much better!

The weather has been amazingly wonderful since the first four days of rain, blue skies and warm every day. We are making the most of it while it lasts. It does not feel like winter up here at the moment. The surf here at the Pass has picked up and at some point in the day the waves are ride-able. It is so much easier to walk down the path to the beach rather than pack up the car and drive somewhere else.

Johanna and I have just eaten some pasta, courtesy of Lattina, and have a couple of chick flicks to watch, chocolate to console us tonight and another day in ‘paradise’ to look forward to tomorrow…..