Friday, 15 July 2011

Ready for Home

It feels like a last day today. It is hard to put into words how it feels– slow, somewhat somber, a lot of lasts (last walk on the beach, last surf, last sunset on the deck), saying goodbyes as friends leave, a sense of loss at what will be left behind combined with a gradual building of desire to return home, thankfulness.

I feel ready to return now. Heidi is home sick and we want to get back to her, I have some training to begin for a new/second job (casual/relief position), we have Zac’s 21st to organize, a front yard to finish renovating, a weekend away with friends to plan, a visit to Tassie to see my family……so much to be done, I am fidgety to begin.

Colin and Johanna have headed out for a last surf (unless of course the conditions are great in the morning when no doubt Colin will fit just one more in) I am hoping for a repeat of yesterday’s brilliant sunset. We are having dinner tonight with Gavan and Julie (Moroccan curries) and then tomorrow will be a slow pack up and leave when we are ready. Having booked to stay til Saturday we have the luxury of a slower start tomorrow – no 10am deadline to be observed.

And of course before we leave we will rebook our spot for 3 weeks this time next year!

 A spectacular sunset