Saturday, 2 July 2011


The rain doesn’t matter. Yesterday was sunny then clouds ahead of a shower. Back to sunshine, clouds and showers, all day.  We wandered around town, picked up supplies for our Mexican beef and chilli soup and poked around shops.

Left overs for lunch (paella from last night and a spot of salmon curry soup) and I did a couple of hours work while Maria and Johanna did their daily walk to the lighthouse out at Cape Byron. By then Johanna and I were feeling itchy for some waves so we headed down past the deck and had only got a couple when we spotted Maria on the beach with some other friends, board tucked under her arm after some successful persuasion from them. We surfed until the light faded. I was stoked to see the girls get some good rides.

What is it about exercise and being outdoors. Our urban living really deprives us doesn’t it? Add in some good food and some belly laughing with friends … can’t complain really. It a long drive up here … but worth every kilometre.

As I snuck out this morning made my way down here to the Café to catch-up on correspondence from yesterday, I stood in a sun-shower and marvelled at the vivid colours in a full rainbow and a few friends loaded boards onto the roof of the old valiant to have a look down the road.

A couple of weekends ago we had a nightmare with Tiger Airways when we bought the Ergo team and families up to the Gold Coast for the long weekend. Many hours on the phone and lots of dollars later we had a great weekend, no thanks to Tiger cancelling our flight with less than 12 hours notice. We are so looking forward to Rachel, Heidi, Zac and Jan coming up tomorrow evening. As I lay in bed reading the Age on the iPhone waiting for the Café to open this morning, I breathed a deep deep sigh of relief that the kids are on Jetstar as I read that CASA has grounded all Tiger flights for a week. PHEW!!