Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Here comes the Sun

Here comes the sun. After days of showers and grey skies, clear blue skies and warm sunny days are just beautiful. Just in time for the kids’ arrival.

Sunday was the turning point, the first day with no rain since we arrived. We made the most of our trip to the Byron Bay market, finding our usual honey stall and the place we buy a Peanut and Lime sauce for stir fry (which we ate tonight). Johanna had a doughnut from her favourite stall and we listened to Juzzie Smith entertain the crowd with some amazing harmonica playing (two harmonica’s and his nose were involved at one point) We set the kids tents up in the afternoon, went across to Brunswick Heads with friends for dinner (at our favourite pub there) and then drove up to Coolangatta to pick up the kids and Jan.

Although the weather was beautiful today the surf was not. We headed over to Broken Head to try our luck there – mixed results, some did OK and some did not! Later, we walked into town and partook of ice cream from our favourite gelati shop – In the Pink – you just can’t go past mars bar and sticky date, although the banana and cinnamon is divine as well.

We are all crowded into the van now, seven is a squash but cosy all the same. Rachel is snoozing beside me, Heidi listening to music, Zac, Jan and Johanna playing scrabble on the iPad and Colin has taken himself outside with his computer to do whatever it is he does.

500 has just started ……