Saturday, 9 July 2011

happy days

It has been a truly fantastic week since Rachel, Heidi, Zac and Jan joined us. Last year our mid-year Byron Bay sojourn was defined by rain and clouds. It started ten days ago with a similar pattern. A week ago that changed and we’ve scarcely sighted a cloud since.

We make a big deal of breakfast, then we surf. Yesterday was perfect conditions for the beginners and if it wasn’t for my work commitments in the afternoon we would have stayed in the water at Broken Head for longer … our bodies gloriously exhausted.

Scott and Jenny’s bright orange gazebo is set up alongside our yurt. In the afternoon, after our salad rolls or cheese and dip lunches, the kids ritually lie in the sun as it comes in underneath. It is a happy sight.

Last night Scott initiated a dinner gathering of a bunch of our friends which spilled under the gazebo. We sat around, ate, drank, talked and laughed. The kids played Uno in a raucous circle on the ground. Maria and I made a rush to the local Woolies and picked up a 20 serve pav to celebrate a friends wedding anniversary. Good times. Happy days.

And now I think I’ve cleared the work decks for the morning so I can re-tire my shoulders in whatever waves we can find.