Sunday, 28 November 2010

you can't change the weather

We left Brunswick expecting a routine trip down the freeway for a few days in the yurt, the last session we'll have down here in this series of excursions. The electronic signs on the freeway say, "severe thunderstorms ahead, beware flash flooding." We keep driving.

Not for long. The torrential rain forces us off the freeway into Werribee where we crank up the Mac and have a look at the BOM rain radar. With some deliberation we decide to keep going with the rain easing.

On the way to the park we drive past the beach and are surprised to see that the forecasted wind change has yet to hit, so the wind is peeling the spray off smooth wave faces ... very inviting.

So we quickly unload, it only takes us 5 minutes before we are donning wetsuits and trekking over the dunes to try to get some rides. Maria gets her new board wet for the first time.

We're now back inside, showered and warm. Johanna and I scofffed some two minute noodles, the ABC comforts me with news of Australia's growing lead and we turn our attention to food for tonight.

When we left four days ago, two couples had set up some tents behind us, planning on being here for 10 days. Given the weather I was surprised to see them still here. I haven't seen them yet, but as I walked passed the tent I heard one of the blokes swearing colourfully in his lament that the rain is not allowing them to get out of the tent.

Our yurting mantra helps us:

Don't complain.

Don't rush.

What happens happens.

We can't change the weather, so we try to make the most of it. Sitting out in the sun would be nice, but sitting inside in the warm, listening to the wind and rain, reading, doodling, playing games on phones (Johanna) is all good.

But gee it would be nice to see some rays tomorrow. :)