Monday, 15 November 2010

to and fro

Colin and I often speak of choices and consequences. We are choosing to organise our working and living so that we can make space for ‘yurting’ (we appreciate how fortunate we are to have this choice) It does however require some courage to make such a choice and to live with the consequences. A week into our current half/half arrangement I began to question the wisdom of it. Is it a form of escapism? What about Rachel and Heidi left at home? How do I fit all the things I usually do (in Melbourne) into three days? What about when Johanna comes home saying she doesn’t like the feeling of missing stuff at school and not knowing what is going on? What about the continual adjustment between one place and the other – Johanna says it is like being free (yurting) and then in jail (school), the more freedom you have the harder jail is.

We don’t have the answers, we choose one way for particular reasons and do our best to live with the consequences. We question, we reflect, we talk to our kids and we look inside ourselves as we seek to LIVE life.

photo by Johanna