Monday, 8 November 2010

Why oh why

In hindsight, I’m not sure what insanity possessed Colin and I when we agreed with Zac and Rachel. They preferred to travel to Ocean Grove after the wedding on Saturday night, not wait until Sunday morning. So it was that we found ourselves heading south at 12.30am. I guess 2.30am is a usual bedtime for them on a Saturday night, not so for us! The situation wasn’t helped with Colin suffering a bad head cold, having to detour through part of the city rather than skirt the edges because the domain tunnel was closed for maintenance and once we finally fell into bed at 3am being kept awake by the tarp flapping loudly in the wind. (Colin did the manly thing and got up and took it down)

It was only the promise of some surf that got us all up at 9am. We walked to the beach to assess the situation and oh that fickle sea was flat as the proverbial pancake – despite might I add a positive surf forecast the previous day. We had a quick breakfast, loaded up the boards and went in search of some waves. It was amusing to see others doing the same – vehicles with boards strapped on top cruising the coast searching for those elusive waves; surfers standing wistfully at lookout points watching nothing but a ripple on the sea, disappointment in their steps as they head dejectedly back to the car.

Zac and Rachel were philosophical about the situation despite the fact that they only had today to surf.  Zac took the opportunity to study for exams while the rest of us headed into Torquay to look at boards for Rachel. A couple of hours later the decision was made, the sale complete and Rachel the proud owner of her very own surf board. She lovingly waxed it when we returned to the caravan park. Unfortunately it won’t be christened until next weekend, she and Zac headed back to Melbourne after dinner – they both have exams this week.

Colin, Johanna and I are waiting longingly for bed. 8pm seems a bit early though, so we are trying to keep ourselves awake a bit longer. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, we have no plans, we’ll see what unfolds; right now ten hours of sleep seems like heaven. Hopefully tomorrow will see both Colin and Johanna feeling better.