Monday, 15 November 2010


After a couple of good night's sleep that must have wrung the tiredness out of me, last night I lie wide awake for almost four hours. Unlike some nights when this would have been a restless frustration, I savoured the time to think. I found myself reflecting back on the years as our family has grown. I recalled a time when the kids were young, before Johanna even was born, where I wandered through the house while everyone slept, stood in the rooms of my sleeping loved ones and oozed thankfulness.

Last night I did the same, figuratively. I thought of each of their lives, the joys and struggles, the successes and the pains.

Sunday breakfast is a bit of a ritual. The Italian bakery out our back gate on Lygon St opens early and I love the procession of regulars who file in and out. The bloke in front of me this morning lugged out two large bags of goodies, 'see you next week,' he said as he left. I got my usual bag of fresh croissants and wandered slowly home. Johanna did her usual things and toasted hers in the grill with cheese and tomato. I love mine with expresso coffee and marmalade.

Maria and I headed out to Highpoint Shopping Centre to make some progress on our Christmas shopping and were delighted to run into old friends Owen and Michelle and their two gorgeous kids Lachlan and Jessica. Home again and left over A1 (Lebanese) bread and dip for lunch. Good, but not as good as yesterday when it was fresh. We have popeye (spinach) and sun-dried tomato dip ... wonderful stuff.

Then we threw stuff into the boot and sat on the increasingly familiar Westgate Freeway for the hour and a half between our two current homes. We stopped at Leopold to shop for the now favourite beef and blackbean - a whole bunch of coriander, loads of ginger, lime juice. As Johanna says, its a hot meal but its soooo refreshing.

Before dinner we did the ritual walk to 'have a look' - there were dozens of people out catching waves despite the onshore winds, but the swell was up and I guess it's the last chance before the work week kicks off again. And after dinner we went for bike ride; there is a little jetty up the river a bit, and on the way back we meandered into little residential streets to have a sticky.

Now, Maria has cleaned up from my messy cooking, she and Johanna have savoured a special treat (microwave puddings) which are better than they sound. Mine awaits. Can't keep the dessert waiting now can we?