Tuesday, 9 November 2010

In the water

An early night, a late wake-up. After a near 12 hour sleep we were ready to get up and take on the day.

In the morning Mum and I did some shopping while Dad did some work.

After realising that they’re weren’t many shops in Ocean Grove and we had already looked in all of them after about an hour and headed back to the caravan again.

We decided to go out for lunch, as there are so many nice little cafĂ©’s in Barwon Heads we had a plan to visit a different one each weekend. We went to a little one called “the bean pod.” Me and mum shared a chicken casalinga and then shared some pancakes with stewed cinnamon apple and ice-cream. Dad had a breakfast burrito.

After that we returned to the caravan to quickly go to the toilet and so Dad could take his medication for his cold and then we went to buy stuff for tea, we decided to have fish and home made chips. (Dad is cooking now)

While we were out I decided that I wanted to have a full length wet-suite because the water is too cold to wear my short wet-suite here. We looked in a couple of surf shops along the main road. When we went into Strapper we found a good deal, a really good quality wet-suite for about half price on the bargain rack. This would keep me nice and warm.

So of course when we were back at the caravan at about three I was straight to the beach for a surf in my new wet-suite. It worked like a charm, didn’t feel a single bit cold the whole time. I was the only one in the water on the whole beach, I guess since the waves were still small.

It was one of my first times surfing by myself (without dad pushing me onto the waves and stuff) and I hadn’t surfed since Byron Bay in the middle of the year. I caught a couple of good ones so I thought I went pretty well.

After that I was so exhausted that I lied in the shallows and mucked around there for the next twenty minutes or so.

I had a wonderful time. When we got back to the caravan, the sun was out so we decided to not have showers straight away and just sit in the sun and relax for a while, we did this and then went off to have showers.

The showers here have a thing where you have to push a button before you turn the taps on or else the water won’t start and then the water turns itself off after five minutes (and won’t turn back on again for another five or so minutes)

After being in the cold ocean I was ready for a nice hot shower, and when I turned the taps on and the water was only luke warm, I turned the hot on a little more, no hotter, turned the cold down a little more, no hotter. I decided to carry on my shower or else the taps would go off. I finished washing my hair and then fiddled with the taps more, turned the hot way way up until it couldn’t go further, a little warmer. Turned the cold way down, ahhhh hot water finally. And then the taps turned off.

Mum and Dad are serving up tea now, it has been a great day.