Monday, 22 November 2010

'Less good' is still good

We did not arrive this weekend until Saturday night, Johanna had a birthday party after dancing. Saturday afternoon seemed to take forever as Colin and I tried not to think about what we were missing out on down here. For once the weather outlook was for fine and sunny.

Sunday went as follows – ate, surfed, lay in the sun, ate, shopped, surfed, lay in the sun, showered, ate and watched the sunset. Those were the good bits. The less good bits were crappy waves, cold sea water trickling down the inside of wet suits, peeling off tight rubber from cold bodies, carrying our surf boards in strong wind and trying to help Johanna carry hers as well and smoke filling the caravan from cooking sausages. We’ll take these ‘less good bits’ any day!

Johanna and I taking photographs of the setting sun.