Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The first day.

Something new, something different. Using the caravan like a holiday house. It could work out, or it could not go so well, whatever happens, it doesn't matter because we'll have a fantastic time and it'll be great to be able to take a few days off our usual lives every week.

We arrived today at about 2:00 in the afternoon. It was a pretty short drive (one and a half hours)
I was in a great mood when we arrived, ready to set up and try out our new idea. As we were setting up, we realised that we had a great spot in the park, half a minutes walk from the toilet block and right next to the Barwon River. We had a couple of trees to shade parts of the site and a nice grassy area that had a fare bit of sun on it.
After we had set up we headed down to the grocery store to do a basic shop and the hardware store (because our hose to connect the water to the caravan was about a metre to short) to get an extension to the hose.
We decided on a beef with black bean dish for tea and brought all the ingredients needed, so we thought.
When we arrived home dad connected up the hose extension, but only to find it leaked, and then burst off, a couple of adjustments and then it was good.
Then we decided on a walk along the river (on a nice path that lead right along it.) and while we were walking dad remembered a few ingredients in which we had forgotten to get which were important for the dish he would cook for tea so me and dad made another trip to the grocery shop while mum stayed back and did sudoku's/ had a snooze.
Back at the caravan dad made the lovely tea which was SOOO delicious, and then we took another walk along the path along the river before it got dark, and then back to the caravan to wash the dishes, write a blog, eat TV snacks and await Zac's arrival.