Saturday, 13 November 2010

Another one bites the dust

Our original idea was to head down the coast on Saturday after Johanna’s dance lesson and return on Tuesday late afternoon in time for her ballet lesson. In keeping with tradition of late the weekend forecast was for rain and possible thunderstorms (flooding in some areas) and the weekdays fine. So we did a bit of re-arranging and headed down Thursday night to make the most of the warm weather and good surf conditions on Friday, aiming to return Friday night to wait out the bad weather at home before heading back down.

Zac and Johanna came with us. Unfortunately Rachel is in the middle of exams and will have to wait to christen her new board. I did however christen her new wet suit.  I finally gave in and decided to give surfing a go – a wet suit to keep me warm was the deciding factor. So with Rachel’s wetsuit, Johanna’s foam board and Colin pushing me onto the waves I gave it a go AND really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, I even managed to stand up a few times. Tonight though, I’m feeling some muscles I didn’t know I had…

The surfing conditions were great and Colin and Zac had a ball, Johanna still managed to catch some good waves despite having to share her board with me! Everyone had a most enjoyable day. We managed to pack up the van and prepare it for some wet weather, leaving it there and arriving home just as the sky opened up and the rain came drenching down.