Thursday, 20 September 2012

Prokopis Beach

Today was a beach day, Colin and Johanna's favourite type. We caught a bus to Prokopis beach a few kilometres away. At last a long stretch of white sand, all be it quite course.

Colin and Johanna spent most of the day in the clear turquoise water, finally convincing me to come in - "come on Mum it is your last chance to say you have swum in the Greek Islands, you'll be sorry if you don't" (for the tenth time) Colin and Johanna continued their latest competition - doing handstands in the waist hight water. Johanna has somewhat of an advantage with dancing and gymnastics, Colin is yet to master straight legs or pointed toes. The absence of waves to body surf or any other kind of surf requires some creative use of water time.

Johanna was heard to comment today;

"don't they know what they look like, it is soooo unnecessary" at the abundance of elderly naked flesh

"Has he got no bathers on!" at what looked suspiciously like butt cheeks bobbing in the water. Me - "it doesn't pay to look too closely" I think it was just a case of ill fitting speedos.

"I love this water, I can't believe how clear it is....when I'm in the water I feel so free.....the weight of your being is taken off the world and you can feel how insignificant you are..."

"I love these new sun glasses they don't suck all the colour out of the world"

The slower pace of the last couple of days has been a nice reprieve from the busyness of travel, sight seeing etc.... Johanna has downloaded a book onto the iPad and is reading now, Colin is napping, should I say snoring, and when we feel like it we'll head into town, sit by the water, order a drink and watch the world of Naxos go by.....