Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pineapple Moments

Lets get straight to the point, sometimes Dad looks like a fool and acts like an idiot. I like to remind him of this often. In fact, it happens so often, I have come up with a code word to let him know that he is being or looking like a doofus. The code word is pineapple, why you ask? No reason whatsoever! We now refer to these times, as Pineapple moments. And here are a few:

- when he wears two pairs of glasses at the same time, his reading glasses on the tip of his nose and his sunglasses the top of his nose.

- when he drinks ice coffee without a straw and ends up with a milk moustache, and later, a light brown upper lip stain.

- when we are on the plane and he gets up and decides to do some stretches in the middle of the aisle

- when he eats and then fails to notice the multitude of crumbs and bits of food on various parts of his face.

- scratching his chin and pulling faces so that he looks like a monkey (unintentionally.)

- using the toothpick that's supposed to be for olives, as a play sword.

- walking around with his massive straw hat clipped onto his backpack and accidentally hitting poor unsuspecting people as he turns around.

He may be a perfect example of a doofus at times, but you just can't help but love him anyway.