Thursday, 13 September 2012

Out and About

We are struggling to keep up with the blogging, each day is so full that when one passes without record it is difficult in hindsight to remember. Often we are tired at the end of the day and no-one feels like writing anything, but we know from experience that we regret it later if we don't. So here goes....

Monday was the day of the Bazaar's, firstly the Grand Bazaar and then the Spice Bazaar. The Grand Bazaar was truly 'grand' with an overwhelming amount of stalls, thousands of them, row upon row with pretty much the same merchandise. We wandered around the dazzling array, turning aimlessly, our senses assaulted by the visual onslaught. We stumbled across a stall selling Vans, Johanna was very happy to only pay about twenty dollars for a pair.

The Spice Bazar, while not as huge was just as mesmerising. The array of spices, dried fruits and nuts, vegetables etc...was amazing. We couldn't resist some pistachio's and dates, finding a spot on a concrete bench outside to partake of our goodies.

We also headed underground to visit the Basilica Cistern, a water storage solution in the 6th Century.

Tuesday, we  hopped on a ferry and crossed over to the 'Asian' side. We didn't visit any monuments etc.. just wandered around streets full of locals going about their daily business. We ambled from one eating/drinking spot to the next, people watching. We followed signs to the metro bus, a very long walk indeed, only to discover it was not the bus we needed and had to get a taxi instead. Oh well, you get a miss every now and then.

We ferried back, walked past all the fish restaurants under the bridge and hiked up to the Galata Tower. As the call to prayer rang out we found ourselves atop the Tower marvelling at the ariel view of Istanbul, a magical  moment.

A leisurely late afternoon snack, a tram ride closer to home, a coffee/apple tea and baklava for supper and we could hardly keep our eyes open any more.