Saturday, 22 September 2012

In transit

We are in the middle of some travelling days. First, from Naxos by ferry back to Santorini (stayed overnight at Kamari, the black gravel beach hot spot) and then today, two flights taking us from Santorini back to Athens and then on to Istanbul. We were mightly relived to catch our connecting flight without any drama. Tonight finds us in a hotel close to the airport ready for our rude o'clock departure tomorrow morning - Istanbul to Casablanca, via Cairo.

In our travels today we came across some handy hints - first from Aegean airlines, an article outlining helpful tips for a pleasant flight. Two of the best were; 'don't push other passengers' (a future blog about queuing etiquette Mediterranean style will be forthcoming)  and 'in the interests of passenger comfort please do not remove your shoes'

Dinner tonight was at the hotel restaurant called "Oleo Pazzo", the story behind the name and the character who inspired it is on the back of the menu. He was a colourful character who travelled extensively with his goat, had a love affair with olives (most dishes on the menu included them) and left a few tips for a healthier and happier life; Apparently he lived to be 111 years old.

  1. eat more fish, fresh fruit, vegetables and cereal

  2. taste a few olives each day (Oleo had a small bowl each evening before bed)

  3. drink red wine regularly and in moderation (Oleo had a bottle every morning - not sure how that is moderation!)

  4. do 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day

  5. listen to good music

  6. be nice to animals

  7. Say 'please' and 'thank you'

Sounds good to me....

Some final photos from beautiful Naxos