Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Yesterday morning we spent our last moments in Santorini. Considering Johanna had consented to a 10km hike the day before, it was her choice this time on what to do. We caught the cable car down the steep cliff to the Old Port and then had a hilarious and crazy donkey ride back up the steep precipice. (Johanna will supply the details in a future blog) We re-cuperated with morning tea at our favourite cafe and ordered two of their fantastic waffles rather than share the usual one! We all felt the need for for a little something after that memorable experience.There was time for a bus ride back to Imerovigli and a swim in the pool before we caught the ferry to Naxos.

The ferry was large, comfortable and the beautiful views kept us entertained for the 2.5 hour journey. Actually, a lot of the time was taken up with a monologue by a Greek history enthusiast who told us stories from Ancient Greece. The elderly gentleman was happy with his captive audience (us) and with only a map he began to talk and only stopped when we had to get off the Ferry. I commented how much he knew about history and asked why that was so, I thought perhaps he was a history professor or something. His answer - wikipedia!

We arrived in Naxos just as the sun was beginning to go down, the town was bathed in a golden glow; white buildings turning a warm yellow and boats moored in the marina.

A quick check in at the hotel and Colin and Johanna headed straight into the sea and I took my camera to the hill top to catch the last rays.