Saturday, 15 September 2012

one world to the next

As we wandered around the Saltanahmet in Istanbul for the last time yesterday morning I took a few pics of things we'd missed previously - for memory's sake.

The street vendors where we bought corn the first night - looks fantastic, tasted like rubber, the mystery of whether it was a once off shocker or if they are all that bad remains. The woman who rolled our Turkish pancakes for dinner on the last light, and the cushioned floor seating at the front of the restaurant where we sat to eat them.

And so with some mild stress, running and standing in frustratingly inefficient queues getting our connecting flight in Athens, we arrived in Santorini in the dark. I got up this monring expecting to see our amazing view, but alas, we are too high up and the mist has blanketed the sights. Suffice to say that Maria has done it again, and our accommodation is absolutely premium! All you get at the moment is the balcony/verandah. Photos of the view will no doubt follow once the mist burns off.